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Come Volunteer!

We are always looking for volunteers! Our greatest needs revolve around the beginning of our sessions starting January 9wks, March 12wks, June 9wks, September 12wks. If you submit a registration throughout the session and we are full for volunteers you may be placed on a waitlist. That will add you to our email list, prompting you to receive a registration for the following session.  

For more information, to turn in completed paperwork, and to schedule times to volunteer contact

Side Walker

Side walkers are responsible for assisting the rider during class, whether that be physically (by providing support), cognitively (through instruction follow-through etc. ), or emotionally (being a buddy and a confidence boost). Side walkers must be a minimum of 14 years old. 


Leaders have the responsibility of insuring their equine partner is safe and happy during class.  They help the horse respond to their rider's cues to varying degrees, depending on how much the rider can provide promting. Leaders must be a minimum of 14 years old and must go through Horse Handling Courses provided by All Star.

Additional Volunteering Opportunites


Handy at construction? Good with a paint brush? Expert at electrical work? Want to work service hours without committing to an entire session? We always have projects that could use extra hands, either by yourself or in a group.


Does your group want or need to do community service?  All Star has worked with private and public groups such as companies, churches, schools/universities, community organizations and many others.  It has always been a rewarding experience for all involved.

Schooling Team

Horses that work in therapeutic horseback riding and equine assisted activities and therapies are challenged physically and mentally on a daily basis. As part of the ASEF Schooling team, members would assist the schooling managers in weekly scheduled group sessions designed to help strengthen the ASEF herd physically and mentally. To find out requirements and specified opportunities click here

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Ranch Hand

The ASEF herd needs continuous high quality care including feeding, access to clean water, and a maintained area in which to live. As a Ranch Hand, volunteers will learn how to safely and correctly feed horses, fill/clean water troughs, and muck pens. You will be able to interact with the ASEF herd during their favorite times of the day, breakfast and dinner! To find out more details and requirements email Veronica Wolfe at  

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