Become a Rider at All Star

Therapeutic horseback riding includes a variety of equine-assisted activities that are beneficial to individuals with physical, mental, emotional and learning difficulties.


At All Star, we emphasize the INDEPENDENCE and ABILITIES of each rider, while structuring the lesson to accommodate and improve areas of difficulty.


A PATH certified therapeutic riding instructor utilizes the movement of the horse and different activities to provide physical benefits such as improved muscle strength, balance, trunk and head control. Basic horsemanship lessons also include activities to challenge the rider’s gross motor skills.

All Star travels to several horse shows throughout the year. Riders who participate have a great sense of accomplishment in themselves and their riding skills! All Star offers individuals multiple opportunities to grow and learn with the horses and we always support our riders in all that they do!

When submitting rider forms or registrations via email, send them to  

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We always accept new rider registrations. If the current session is full, your registration will be filed and added to a waitlist until a spot is available. Submitting a registration will also add you to our email list, allowing you to be notified of the opening of registration for the next session.

Have a Great Ride!