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Armed Forces & Horses

Armed Forces & Horses serves the brave men and women of our military and their families. The program fosters more effective communication skills, healthier relationships, reduced stress, improved self-confidence, strengthens muscle tone, improves balance, and creates fellowship and camaraderie among veterans. 

Classes may focus on:

Horsemanship - teaches the skills needed to care for and create a relationship with horses. Skills in ground work, grooming, leading, and tacking their horse will be taught. 

Therapeutic Riding - learn horseback riding skills enhancing physical, occupational and emotional growth while building a relationship with their horse and their fellow veterans. 

*There is a 200lb riding weight limit at this time*


Armed Forces & Horses is offered with 100% scholarship when funds are available. We are continuously seeking funding sources from our community in order to be able to offer this life changing program, completely free of charge to military veterans.

Our veteran program
is currently on a
case-by-case basis.
Please email or call the office 817-477-1437 to check program availability. 

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