Derived from the ancient Greek word "hippos" meaning horse, Hippotherapy consists of stretching and therapy performed by our Licensed Medical Therapists using the horse's movement to further progress towards rider's goals. The three dimensional movement of the horse causes the rider's pelvis to mimic the actual movement of a person walking.  Our therapists use this knowledge and medical experience as a licensed professional in order to help our riders achieve their functional goals. Hippotherapy can be performed in the following therapy disciplines:

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Physical Therapy

  • Speech Therapy

Our therapists utilize their specific knowledge and practice, special adaptive equipment and the horse in order to help achieve specific rider goals. Some examples are walking independently (physical therapy), putting on a shirt (occupational therapy), or pronouncing words with the “r” sound articulately (speech therapy). 

Hippotherapy is a growing therapy discipline that has a number of benefits that include improving fine and gross movements, balance, expressive and receptive speech and language, neuromotor function, posture, muscle strength, endurance, and self confidence.