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Derived from the ancient Greek word "hippos" meaning horse, Hippotherapy consists of therapy performed by our Licensed Medical Therapists using the horse to further progress towards client's goals. The horse provides a moving base from which physical and occupational therapy can be practiced upon.  Our therapists use this knowledge and medical experience as a licensed professional in order to help clients achieve their therapy goals.


At All Star Equestrian we offer the following therapy disciplines:

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Physical Therapy 


Hippotherapy is a growing therapy discipline that has a number of benefits that include improving fine and gross movements, balance, expressive and receptive speech and language, neuromotor function, posture, muscle strength, endurance, self confidence and more. 

Our Hippotherapy program
is currently on hold.
Thank you for your patience. 

Steps to becoming a Hippotherapy Client:

  1. Complete a Hippotherapy Registration, found above

  2.  Submit your registration to

  3. Await contact from All Star Staff to schedule an evaluation. 

  4. Once an evaluation is scheduled, complete our Participant Annual Packet and obtain a prescription for your desired therapy ( occupational or physical)

  5. All Star will contact you regarding session scheduling.  

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